Friday, July 13, 2007

Schlafly Features Local Wheat for Witbier

Schlafly Beer is continuing its commitment to local purveyors with the inclusion of Alhambra Wheat in this year's Witbier.

The Alhambra Wheat Company is located just across the river in Alhambra, Illinois. The unmalted soft red winter wheat grown by John Gorenz and his partners is ideal for witbiers and other wheat ales.

So far they have provided several sacks of herbicide-free and pesticide-free wheat for the brewery at the Schlafly Taproom. Some the wheat was used for the witbier, but there is talk of possibly experimenting with the Hefeweizen to see if it could be more regularly integrated into the beer.

Early in June, owner Dan Kopman, chief brewer Steven Hale and quality control manager Christian Artzner took a trip across the river to visit the farm at harvest time.

While there, they shared a pint or two with the crew as they watched over some of the harvesting operation.

They were even given a chance to take the massive combine for a spin around the field.

"It's like riding on an oceanliner," said Hale.

The Alhambra-accentuated Witbier will be available beginning this afternoon with the kickoff of Schlafly's Mussel Mania at the Schlafly Taproom, at 21st and Locust streets downtown. The festival features mussels and belgian-style beers such as Witbier and Belgian Dubbel.

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Anonymous said...

kudo;s to you guys. I grew up on a Jd 4020 pullin culitpackers and chisel plows growin soybeans in ohio. Hated it. untill i went into the real world of workin for someone else. i loved makin wine and other things so a few years ago i opened a small winery on the family farm. now its my full time job. its goin good. i always wanted grow something on the farm to make a liven at. consumer direct. wine is doin it for me, i have 3000 vines making approx, 3000 gallons of wine a yaer. cant make enough. good thing. i always wanted to to grow for the brewering industry,i think wheat is a good choice c/ya bob

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