Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Craft Beer Growing Strong, 12% in 2007

The Brewer's Association detailed the 12% growth in the craft beer market, everything from the local brewpub over to the growing number of regional and larger breweries.

The print edition of the BA journal, The New Brewer, has the detailed breakdown. For a quick look at some of the stats, the BA has posted some of their numbers on the website.

As the macro breweries are finding trouble expanding their share in the U.S. market, craft brewers are still growing. The difference? Education. As the consumer learns more about the craft beer available to them, they begin to expand their buying habits. There is no one brewer benefiting over others, a rising tide as it were.

How long can the craft industry experience double-digit growth? It's hard to say. Economic instability hasn't been felt too strongly in the industry yet, but if trouble grows, it just might.

For now, however, it's time to raise a pint of your favorite craft beer pint!

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