Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Latest News on InBev Takeover Of A-B

Here's a few recent articles looking at the–now potentially inevitable–takeover of A-B.

The most intriguing are unconfirmed reports that Warren Buffett is supporting the deal. If the Yoda of the investment world backs the buyout, it's likely shareholder support for the Busch family will evaporate.

Potential purchase of Modelo still out there. A-B may purchase Modelo in a move to try and put the company out of the reach, financially, of InBev.

A-B warned against the Modelo deal by InBev.

InBev will likely need to up its offer from $65 to $70 a share.

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt and Senator Kit Bond ask for FTC to intervene in the deal. Analysts quoted in the article doubt any action forthcoming because A-B is already the sole distributor of InBev products in the United States.

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